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UZenne是一個貼心訂做的時裝品牌。我們不僅提供女性服裝,亦有提供親子時裝。品牌以拉近父母和孩子之間的關係為目的,同時亦希望為顧客帶來歡樂。我們可以根據客戶不同的要求而作出不同的款色。 我們的設計及製作團隊擁有25年的豐富經驗,產品銷住歐美市場,每件精心的產品均為小女孩貼心設計及製作, 我們堅持高品質及設計款式,確保每個孩子都能穿得舒適,著得美麗!


UZenne is a sophisticated, eclectic fashion brand, providing not only clothing for women but also parent-child attires. We aim to bridge the gap between parents and children and let them have fun while wearing our products. All of our products are designed and produced in-house; as we aim to create a distinctive experience by providing our customers creations of unique designs with finest details and quality while being affordable and accessible to all. At Uzenne we deliver fabulous new collections include everything from dazzling party collections to chic casual wear.