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" Explore the highest volcano in IndonesiaFantastic hiking trail you must visitLet’s do an unforgettable tour together, experience and live Sumatras firemountains​, fauna & flora and landscapes with a professional guide..."​​​​​​Enjoy Nature Enjoy Life   Abd.Rapani Mozat Hi. I am Abd. Rapani MozatTourist Guide, Kerinci Seblat National Park. Lauguage:English/BahasaHere you find the Mount Kerinci Trekking program and a list of the main Tours organized by Kerinci Guide Rapani.  Mountain Kerinci, Sumatra, Indonesia3805m (12,484ft)​Mountain Kerinci (also known as Gunung Kerinci) is the highest peak of the island of Sumatra and the highest volcano in Indonesia. It’s also one of the major firemountains in the Pacific Ring Of Fire. 

It is located in the Barisan Mountain Range at the north-west end of Kerinci Valley and towers around 2600m above the Kayu Aro plateau, where the teaplantations make you feel like in the Darjeeling. The massive is at its bottom 13 x 25 km wide. The main crater on top covers an older cone which stayed in southwest direction of the actual one, is open, around 600m deep and sulphured watersteam comes out. Often it shows a small lake at the northwest end of the maincrater floor.

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